Creating Daily Habits

“I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor.”

-Henry David Thoreau

Conscious endeavors are something I’ve completely lacked in the last couple years. Without them I’ve watched my idle hands grasp onto meaningless things: more tv, more sleeping, more eating, more laziness and more failures. More of those things equals less of these: reading, writing, singing, playing music, dreaming, inspiring & improving. I think we can both agree the latter list is a much more desirable way to live life.

But we also know life gets in the way. You get lost in a haze. Work gets stressful. Your body gets tired. Your mind gets weak. Your spirit can’t find it’s flame. This is when we become complacent, hopeless, unmotivated, scared, and sometimes lost. Who am I? What happened to my hobbies? My friends? My dreams? Ah who cares anyway, at least I’m up to date on all my Netflix shows…

Stop yourself right there. I had to stop myself too. I mean Netflix just added Season 5 of the League for goodness sake.

But seriously…  one day I realized I was watching too much tv. I was sleeping in too late. I was sitting on my ass for too long. I wasn’t happy with my attitude or situation but you know what I realized? That I’m the only one who can change that. How can I change that you ask? By conscious endeavors! Henry David Thoreau knows what he’s talking about. I  promise.

What is a conscious endeavor? Sounds to me like a planned & executed goal. It’s not serendipitous. It’s not luck and fortune falling in your lap. It’s creating the life you want. It’s sitting down and really thinking about what would make you happy. What would improve your body, mind & life and then DOING IT.

However there’s a big catch here. The catch is that no one can make you do it but yourself. No book, no inspirational quote, no badass person, no friend, lover, or celebrity is going to make you make this change. You have to do it. You alone.

Scary right? Or maybe it’s fun? You get to choose.

Anyway- to not ramble much longer- I’ll let you know something that has really helped me in the last couple weeks:

Creating daily habits.

If you’re like me and going from not being productive at all to trying to be semi-productive, then you need to start small. Really small in fact. So small that the task might seem laughable, but guess what it’s a task, and you’ll complete it and you’ll feel good and maybe you’ll feel so good about it that next month you’ll tack something else onto the daily habit list.  Once you’re able to accomplish some small things, your mind and body will be ready for bigger and better things. I promise.

So my daily habits for this month?

1. Drink 24oz X 3 of water per day (minimum)

2. Complete the September pushup challenge

3. Study 1 hour per day

Guess what I decided happens if I complete all 3 each day? I get a Kit-Kat.


If you’re looking for some more detailed “daily habit” inspiration then check out this post by Niall Doherty– lots of helpful hints here.

Thanks for reading,



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